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By Fady

Can You Apply for US Immigration with a Criminal Record?

October 26, 2017

Coming to the United States for any reason means going through the background checks and meeting the eligibility requirements to be deemed admissible. Unfortunately, if you have a criminal record of any kind, this process becomes a lot more difficult. However, you are not necessarily barred from entering the US for any reason based on […]

us immigration laws
By Fady

Applying for 2019 US Diversity Visa

October 19, 2017

What is the Diversity Visa? The United States has been called a melting pot of immigration because of the large numbers of different countries represented by the population. It’s a country of immigrants, many of whom find a permanent future there through programs like the Diversity Visa (DV). The DV program was run in an […]

immigration and nationality act
By Fady

Unlawful Presence

August 26, 2017

Individuals who are present within the United States after the expiration of their USCIS authorized stay, or who are present in the U.S. without ever having received authorization, are said to have unlawful presence. If one of these conditions exists, unlawful presence begins, and penalties may be imposed if the individual is discovered to be […]

free immigration attorney help online
By Fady

The Visa Interview

August 26, 2017

United States Visa Interviews and Other Immigration Interviews After visa applicants have completed their filing, paid all required fees, and submitted required documentation, an interview will be scheduled by the National Visa Center (NVC). Appointment notifications are then sent out to the applicant, the petitioner, the attorney, and any involved third-party agents by email or […]

green card / lawful permanent resident
By Fady

Permanent Residency Status

August 26, 2017

Permanent residency is a term used to define an individual’s immigration status in the United States. Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) are not citizens, but they are authorized to work and live permanently in the United States. Other terms for a Lawful Permanent Resident are Resident Alien Permit Holder, Permanent Resident Alien, or Green Card Holder. […]

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Extremely helpful and courteous gentleman. Fady took the time to answer all of my questions and even gave me advice on how to proceed. Highly recommend his services.
My mother was looking for a lawyer to help her with her immigration status and application to become a resident. We stumbled upon Fady and it was honestly a blessing. He was so helpful and knowledgeable. He knew what he was talking about and knew the whole application process and made everything seem so simple without confusing us with the complicated lingo used in the applications. Amazing lawyer , completely recommend. And thanks to him, my mother is a resident now ! Thank you Fady
I hired Fady to handle my case, and he was really helpful. He walked me through the process, and my case ended with success. I really appreciate Fady for helping me.
Name withheld
Fady is an excellent lawyer who helped me through the process of my naturalization and also with bringing my wife and son from my home country. Always answering my questions promptly and keeping me updated and guiding me through the process. Highly recommend him for any one seeking an experienced immigration lawyer.
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